About Us

Who’s behind Jassby? A talented group of developers, coders, creatives, leaders and dreamers all working together to create something amazing: the best mobile payment system your family could ever want.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Benjamin Nachman, Jassby is headquartered out of Waltham, Massachusetts and is backed by leading VC firms including Blumberg Capital, Correlation VC, and Moneta VC.

Meet the Jassby Clan

Benjamin Nachman Commander in Chief

I have worked as an SAT and GMAT teacher, as well as a corporate and commercial attorney. I founded Test-Wiz Ltd., Credorax Inc., and Jassby Inc., building companies with focus on fintech, managing thousands of merchants and providers and billions of dollars of volume from the ground up. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, two boys, and three dogs.

Steve Nester Product General

As a black belt in Aikido martial arts I keep the team in line, or else! Professionally, I have been a part of the payments industry for 14 years and am passionate about products and processes. I have a Bachelor of Science (with honors) degree in Computer Science. Outside of work, I am kept busy by my beautiful wife, my two sons, and training to become a private pilot.

Caroline Almeda Legal Mastermind

I am our lawyer at Jassby. Before joining Jassby, I spent five years in the legal department at Credorax. I am a graduate of Boston College Law School and Wellesley College. In my free time, I enjoy plant-based cooking and cheering for my two sons at gymnastics meets and soccer games.

Igal Yaari Operations Orchestrator

I have been in and around Engineering and Operations throughout my career, starting with simple ideas and carrying them through to product launches. I gained experience through working in Wireless Communications, developing a disruptive way of cooking, and most recently, promoting a Fintech application. In my spare time, I enjoy carving the roads on my motorcycle, biking, and going on hikes with my family and Goldendoodle!

Matt Miling Cloud Jedi

May lambdas, security groups, and auto-scaling be with you! I use my masters in engineering and 20 years of software experience to lead our agile backend team in developing fast, secure, and highly-available cloud applications to power your mobile experience. When I'm not working with the rebel fleet I enjoy family time, CrossFit, and watching over my chickens.

Greg Bottenhorn Maestro of Marketing & Sales

I head up Marketing and Sales here at Jassby! I love identifying, then solving problems. I believe communication is the key to almost anything. Here at Jassby, I want to bring families together in new ways, in an increasingly "screen-timed" world. When I'm not in the office, I am still all about family—spending time with my amazing wife and four children. I enjoy traveling, sports, spending time with friends, and living life to the fullest.

Katie Pulsifer Support & Product Guru

As a former culinary arts major turned payments veteran, my mission is to provide a superior customer experience at Jassby. I have developed international support teams at both Credorax and Processing.com. I also served as the Information Security Officer at Processing.com with a focus on PCI Compliance. When I am not at work, I am taking care of my dog, Lily (like the flower), and Cat, Sheldon (Bazinga!)

Dragan Grubesic UX Ninja

Design is my obsession. I love to create immersive user experiences for applications on various platforms, while keeping in mind that every pixel matters. I split my time outside of work between cooking delicious meals, blogging about my food adventures, and following the UFC and beloved New England sports teams. Go Pats!

Daniel Karsh iOS Software Samurai

Mobile moves me. It’s my passion to design mobile software that challenges conventional thinking. I’ve spent my career doing just that for fast-growing startups and large corporations alike. I love swift and reactive programming, working closely with my team to keep moving forward. Outside of work, I love spending time with my beautiful young family, flying drones and discovering iOT.

Tim McAuliffe Still in Development

Web design and development is my life. (So are chicken nuggets.) I’m particularly into creating visually appealing web experiences which motivate and inspire. Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my awesome wife and two kids, my lazy dog, and putting the world on hold bass fishing with friends.

Ricardo Lopez Castillo Secret Javascript Agent

I love solving problems and developing solutions for technology users. Coding is my sword and usability my shield - it is my goal to build accessible, timeless and effective experiences for people. I also love watching and re-watching Marvel movies (and TV shows), playing with my dog Rocket, being anywhere near water and finding interesting places to eat and be.

Bharath Sirangi iOS Captain

I am an iOS developer here at Jassby, who loves developing apps using different programming languages. I am motivated to think different when creating new types of apps and frameworks. I spend my free time with my family, friends and playing cricket! I also enjoy watching Indian movies, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones.

William Poirier iOS/Web Magician

I am an iOS and web developer who lives for creating innovative experiences that utilize the web and internet in unique ways. After graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Media and Game development, I released a video game for iOS and Android. Outside of work I code, make games and write original music.

Harry Coldwell Data Master

When it comes to analytics, attention to detail is everything. My passion is for thinking about all the ways customers interact with Jassby and how to best paint that picture. When not sweating the small things, I enjoy exploring new restaurants, journeying to new cities, and reading biographies of early 20th century notables.

Hailey Hastings Social Butterfly

I’m the social media manager and copywriter here at Jassby! I love learning all the ways quality marketing and design can help us engage with the communities we care about. It’s my privilege to share how we’re shaping the way families do finance on all our socials! When I’m not keeping up with social media trends or writing, I am playing ukulele or guitar, listening to records, going to shows or riding my longboard.

Will Samatis Creative Shōgun

I have served every realm of the entertainment industry throughout my career as an artist. I create motion graphics and illustration to enhance the Jassby experience with imaginative flair, drawing my inspiration from graffiti and Japanese animation. When I’m not perfecting my visual effects skills, I love painting and getting creative sans computer screens.

Max Rodionov Destroyer of Mediocrity

As a QA specialist at Jassby I like to break things to make sure they don’t break on our users. Perfection is an on-going process so I’m always measuring how well software is designed to give you the best experience possible. I like to play soccer, tennis, and get lost in the mountains on my snowboard. (Providing there’s snow.)

Anto Stipanovic QA Exterminator

Zap! Zap! I’m here to catch all the bugs before you can. As Quality Assurance specialist at Jassby, my job is to give you a flawless user experience. When I’m not zapping bugs, I’m out on the court making mad slam dunks and hanging out with friends and family.

Tulio Garcia Support Fanatic

I am Jassby’s real, live support human-- I’m happy to report I’m not a robot, and I’m on a mission to give our clients a seamless payment experience. Outside of work, I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, cruising to work on my moped and taking care of my siblings.

Georgie Jassby Guide

Ever since Georgie flew into our office on a gust of wind, he has charmed us with his wit and sassy humor. So we took the little rascal under our wing to be Jassby’s personal guide, helping kids sign up, earn money and shop in the Jassby mall where he makes sure all the fashions are “fly”!