Discover what Jassby can
unlock for your family!

Your family's one-stop for money, shopping, scheduling, and more... Sorry, we don't handle grounding.

Send Money

Jassby makes it so easy to give money for birthdays, allowance, chores, good grades or any reason at all. Just sign up as a parent or grandparent, add a kid, and link a funding source.

Request Money

Your kid can request money for doing stuff. Let’s say he wants to earn $15 for cleaning the house. He can send you a request to approve the chore and the reward, in advance. It's a great way for your kid to take initiative.

Earn Money

Kids love new ways to earn money. Jassby lets you give your kid incentives to do household chores, get good grades, and achieve goals.


As a parent, you have a lot on your plate, and you never have just the right amount of cash. Set up a weekly or monthly allowance with Jassby, and never forget again!

Set Budgets

Jassby Budgets make it easy to for you to allocate funds for your kid to spend on food, clothing, school, or general use. She can even transfer funds between budgets, jump-starting her money management skills. Coming soon!

Invite a Grandparent

Jassby isn't just for kids and their parents. Grandparents are part of the Jassby Family too! It's easy for a grandparent to sign up, with an invitation from a parent or a child.

Shop with Confidence

Your kid is free to shop or donate securely right in the app. Jassby offers a curated selection of the top stores: from apparel, to cosmetics, to gaming, to food and more. Parents can shop too, so browse the stores and choose something for yourself!


100% Transparent

Your Jassby statement displays all of your family's account activity on a single screen. At a glance, you can see what your kid bought, when he bought it, what it cost, and more.

Funding Source

You can fund your Jassby account with your bank account or your debit card. You must add a funding source in order to send your kid money for shopping within the app.