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Love sharing what you're passionate about on social media and with friends? Become a part of the growing Jassby Family today!

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Ambassador Requirements

IG Profile

Ambassadors must have a public Instagram account.

Follow Us

Follow Jassby on social media and keep up to date with our posts.

Monthly Post

Post on brand with our monthly theme. #gojassby

Here is what you get!

40% off Shopping

Jassby offers a curated selection of the top stores: from clothes to cosmetics, to gaming, to food and more. You will be given a unique discount code to use at checkout.



Jassby Swag

Get a quarterly surprise in the mail from Jassby.


Featured on our IG

Get a chance to be featured on our official Instagram page.


Be part of a growing Jassby Community

Meet like-minded people with interests in family and social media!

Apply to be a Brand Ambassador


We're looking to partner with Instagrammers who believe in the Jassby App and are interested in becoming a part of the Jassby Family.
Jassby Brand Ambassadors post on Instagram on a month to month basis showcasing why they love Jassby.
  1. Be 13 years or older. If under 18, parental approval will be required.
  2. Have a public Instagram account and follow
  3. Once a month, post to Instagram highlighting the theme communicated in advance by our Jassby Brand Ambassador Manager. Ambassadors are encouraged to get creative with their post as long as it is on-theme, showcases why they love Jassby, and uses the #gojassby hashtag.
  4. Create a Jassby account by downloading our iOS app.
  1. A checkout code to receive 40% off purchases made in the Jassby Mall.*
  2. Swag sent by mail on a quarterly basis.*
  3. Chances to be featured on our Official Instagram page.
  4. Feel a sense of community by being a part of the Jassby Family.
*Terms Apply
You can apply to be a Jassby Brand Ambassador here: Apply Here
Jassby requires parental approval for candidates who are under 18.
There is no purchase necessary to become a Jassby Brand Ambassador, however, one of the benefits of the program is an exclusive discount code to the Jassby Mall.
No, your code is unique and cannot be shared with other Jassby members.
We'd be sad to see you go, but that's ok! You can opt out of the Jassby Ambassador program at any time by contacting your Jassby Brand Ambassador Manager.
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